Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tony Tiamiyu Tells You How to Burn Calories, ANYWHERE!

Burn calories ANYWHERE!
Here’s a quick routine that will get your heart pumping anywhere. All you need it a little space, maybe a mat, maybe some comfortable shoes and clothes...and a positive attitude.

10 pushups or knee push-ups
15-20 jumping jacks
1 Plank, 60 seconds
10 squats feet close together
10 squats feet far apart
15-20 jumping jacks
10 crunches followed immediately by 15-20 jumping jacks
1 Plank, 60 seconds
10 deadlifts to press (just use an imaginary weight)
15-20 jumping jacks
This workout can get harder by changing the jumping jacks to different kinds of jumps, jump lunges, jump squats, mountain climbers, etc.
The key to this workout is consistency. Don’t rest longer than 20 seconds between sets, you’ll build more muscle and burn more calories!

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