Thursday, May 17, 2012

Instant Fitness give you reasons to run

So many of you say you hate running....I'm guessing it's because you've had a bad experience with running before. If you have an "absolutely not" mindset, just hear me out. You may find you have some good reasons to run (or at least do cardio).

1. More carbs! Heavier cardio means heavier carbs. Since you'll need more fuel and energy while running, you can eat that pasta dinner.
2. It's different every time. You don't have to, in fact you shouldn't, run on a treadmill every day. Why? It's boring! There are indoor/outdoor tracks, roads, trails, playgrounds. Really, anywhere where there's a semi-flat surface can be running grounds.
3. It's FREE! Yes, free. No gym memberships. You may need a good pair of running shoes, but with the barefoot trend, you may not even need those!
4. Make new friends. Start a running club or group and get involved in making he community a healthier place!
5. Boost your confidence. We all know when we look our best we feel our best. Exercise is a natural mood booster and when you complete something, you feel a sense of accomplishment.
6. Say goodbye to stress. Running (or any other form of exercise) occupies the mind for a period of time, similar to meditating. Once you complete your run, you'll be able to think more clearly.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Instant Fitness shows vegetarians how to get adequate protein

The main concern that meat eaters have with vegetarians is that they think the herbivores can't get enough protein. They thought wrong.

There are many ways to get an adequate amount of protein in a meat-free diet, it just depends on the extent of the diet.
Is meat the new fashion trend?

Those who eat dairy and eggs have an easier time reaching an adequate protein intake. Dairy like milk, yogurt, and cheese have a great amount of protein. Also, egg whites are an excellent source. In fact, they are so perfect that they are used as the reference protein (base measure) for all other proteins.

If you prefer to omit eggs and dairy, there are other options. Proteins are simply strands of different amino acids stuck together. Animal proteins have most if not all essential amino acids in them. Some foods like hearty grains have a handful of amino acids and other foods like legumes have another handful of completely different amino acids. When these two different food groups are eaten in combination (over a 24 hour period), they are considered as making a complete protein. This means, by adding two different foods, legumes and grains, you'll be getting the same essential amino acids you would be getting if you were to eat meat.

Quinoa is a grain that's known for it's high protein.

Protein shakes are a great option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. If you prefer no dairy, there is a plant-based protein as well as whey protein. I have seen many vegan protein powders on the market as well.

Your protein intake should be one gram per pound of lean body mass you desire. If you're 130 lbs and want to be a buff 200lbs, eat about 200g of protein every day. If you're 300lbs and want to be a lean 190, eat 190g protein.

Tony T
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beat Your Worst Cramps, Tips from Tony Tiamiyu

Summer is right around the corner which means that for many of you, you'll be out and about and trying to get more exercise in. For some of you, you might be worried about pollen. Well, it's pretty much pats pollen season in ATL. You might be worried about the heat; just get outside in the morning or the evenings when the sun isn't beating down. Or you might be worried about cramps, which is just another excuse for some of you! Don't worry, there are ways around cramps too! Pay attention.

Don't start fresh - Warming up your muscles and your body is a very important step to avoid cramps. If you start your workouts by going hard without  a warmup, you'll shock your muscles. Take it easy for about five minutes, slow jogging, jumping jacks, small easy aerobics.

Keep hydrated - Also a great idea if you're doing any kind of exercising...water is essential to carry nutrients throughout your cells. It seems only right that it will maximize the functions of your muscles and help avoid cramps.

Keep full of electrolytes - Not enough electrolytes can lead to muscle cramps. This combined with the step above will make sure your body has everything it needs to function properly. In longer workouts (25min+) drink a low-cal or zero-cal sports drink mixed with or alongside water.

Stretch & Cooldown - By slowly relaxing your muscles, you will reduce the chance of once again shocking those muscles. Take your time to slow down your heart rate, decrease your big motions, and hold stretches. Never pulse a stretch, and always hold for at least 15 full seconds.

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