Friday, April 27, 2012

Build Bigger Back Muscles with Instant Fitness

Building your back muscles is important to your health. It will prevent you from getting back injuries in the gym, at work, and as you get older. You’ll be able to hold better posture, and, let’s face it, a buff body looks better when all parts are ripped!
Men are usually more focused on their back, but women need to focus on it too. Although they may not go as hard on this area, they still need to build muscle to help the overall fitness of their bodies.

Three main areas to focus on:
Lats, Traps, and middle/lower back

For Latissimus dorsi, there are two workouts you can do:
Lat pulldowns, and pull-ups
For bigger traps:
Power cleans, overhead shrugs, barbell shoulder shrugs, farmer’s walk
Middle-Lower back:
Any form of a row, back extensions
Remember, any exercise that works all of these muscles at the same time is great, too!

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