Sunday, October 16, 2011

Motivation: Some words from Tony Tiamiyu

 Motivation is the key to being successful with any fitness goal. Many people think they are motivated, but as soon as they start spending time in the gym, they start making excuses. In order to be very successful, you must be driven from within. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. You have to push yourself harder and farther than ever before. You are going to sweat. You are going to hurt. Actually, if you are sore after you work out, it means you are making changes in your body.
  1. You should know that you may not be able to make permanent changes in under 3 weeks. Although, you can change your body in 3 weeks. If you have large goals to achieve, you probably will be working for a year or more. In order to get to those long-term goals, make short-term goals and checkpoints.
  2. To stay motivated, tell your family and friends of your goals. Both groups will give you honest opinions and ask you questions to keep you on track.
  3. Keeping a journal of your progress will help you compare the past to the present. This might also help you to see what your problem areas are and how to attack them.
  4. Contact Instant Fitness for a FREE total body diagnostic to get you started on your journey. Your trainer will help you through every step of the way!
No matter what your goals are, you must have an unstoppable drive to keep you motivated throughout the process. Look deep within yourself to gain the confidence and strength it takes to make changes in your life.

-Tony T
 Instant Fitness, LLC
 Atlanta's #1 Personal Trainer
Lindbergh City Center

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