Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Get a BIGGER Butt with Instant Fitness and Tony Tiamiyu

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Many women tell me they want a bigger butt. Here’s what I tell them:
You cannot loose weight in one specific area, therefore, you cannot gain weight in a specific area. If you want to maximize your gluteus maximus with fat, just try to gain weight by increasing your calorie intake (but don’t stop exercising). If you want to tone and sculpt your booty (thus making it bigger), here are some great exercises you can do:
  1. The Squat
  2. The Lunge
  3. One-legged Cable Kickback
  4. Gluteus Kickback
  5. Hamstring Curl
  6. Step Ups
  7. Clam Digging (does not involve food :] )
  8. Hip Lifts
  9. Deadlifts, one-legged
  10. Biking
  11. Running, to tone and lose fat
Visit  for descriptions and images of some of these workouts. If you don’t know these workouts, you can search their names on Google and it should give you accurate descriptions on how to do them.
As always, make sure you’re getting a good source and amount of protein in your diet to help your muscles grow.

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