Monday, August 15, 2011

Current Happenings at Instant Fitness

I have just started the SIXTH WEEK of Bootcamps! I am so happy to see so many people at the Instant Fitness Bootcamps in Lindbergh City Center every week! It is great to see so many energetic people in this community!
Instant Fitness has been making some great changes and additions. As well as hiring a new trainer, Montrele Washington, we’ve added new team members to facilitate in our growth. Also, we are updating the website on a regular basis to provide accurate information. We are working hard to provide a better service for you!
T-shirt sales have been through the roof! We love that you love our “wanna new birthday suit?” T-shirts! And within the next month we will be getting more colors and designs.
Besides these updates, we are planning to add a nutrition and wellness consultant and more specialists to our team. We are expanding into a bigger company that will provide the best health and fitness service in Atlanta. Our main goal is to provide instant but permanent results and lifestyle changes that will make our clients healthy and inspire others to join. This new expansion will be unlike anything the fitness world has ever seen before and we are very excited to bring it to Atlanta!
Thanks again for supporting Instant Fitness University and the Instant Fitness Team!

 Instant Fitness, LLC
 Atlanta's #1 Personal Trainer
 Lindbergh City Center

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