Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keeping Portion Sizes Down: Nutrition Tips from Atlanta's Best Personal Trainer, Tony Tiamiyu

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I’ve recently noticed that portion sizes served in restaurants and portion sizes at home are growing out of control. There are a few simple, common-sense rules you can follow to keep portions, waistlines, and even costs down. You might be surprised how easy it is!
-When dining out, and you receive your meal, ask your waiter to bring a to-go box right away. By putting a part of your meal in the box, you will be less tempted to eat it all in one sitting.
-A normal portion of meat should be about the size of your palm, or a deck of cards. If you receive more than this portion size, cut it down to size, and then box it up and save it for another meal.
-When eating out, try a kids meal instead of a regular sized meal. You’ll be surprised that you’ll be full!
-When at home, choose a smaller plate to serve your food on. Smaller plate means smaller portions (just don’t pile food up too high).
-Divide your dinner plate into half; one half should be vegetables and fruits, and the other half can share your protein and another side.
-Place all chips, cookies, sodas and other junk food out of sight and out of reach. Place healthy snacks like fruit, veggies, and whole wheat pita chips in convenient reach.
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